We Need You

This is a letter to all fathers. We need you to be involved with the raising of our children. Not just the financial support, but the shaping of their lives. As a mom of two sons (one is an adult and one is a toddler) I have already experienced the side effects of having a father that is not as involved as he could be. I watched my oldest son struggle with self esteem issues, transition from a boy to a man without having a constant reminder of what a good man should reflect, struggling to find himself because we live in a world where dysfunction is the norm. Dads, we need you. We need to show that boy what it is to be a man and that daughter how she should be treated by a man.

We need you to speak life into your children daily. Tell them that they can do, be, and achieve whatever they put their minds to. Tell them that they are good enough, creative, smart, handsome, beautiful and strong. Tell them you, their father loves them. When you speak into their lives you help block out the lies they will be told by haters, enemies and society. Your daughters won’t be tricked by the smooth talking, good for nothing man that tries to take advantage of her. Your sons won’t be deceived by the lies their bosses or coaches tell them.

They will hear your voice over the nay sayers. We need you to teach, talk, motivate, inspire cheer, discipline, love and encourage them. We need you to be in their lives guiding them to greatness and lifting them up when they fall. Be there to pray for them and teach them how to pray for themselves. We need you. As a mom I can teach alot, but I can’t teach my sons how to be a man. Dad, we need you.

Published by Jamilah Davis-Williams

I am Jamilah Davis-Williams, and my mission is to help families achieve financial stability. Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck, having little to no savings, overwhelmed in debt or wanting to obtain homeownership? At one point of my life when I was single mother, I was there too! Daily, I was stressing about money, my financial future, and not knowing what to do or where to start. I did the work, created a plan and now I no longer have that stress. During my financial journey, I have helped others achieve financial stability as well. As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and financial workshop facilitator, helping single parents and couples stress-less about money while achieving their financial goals is what I do. The services I offer are 1:1 coaching and group workshop sessions both virtually and in person. If you are ready to stabilize your financial future, schedule a consultation now.

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