If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Recently, I was speaking with a few of my friends and we began to reminisce about our 20s. As we began looking over our lives there was a common theme of “I wish I would’ve known then what I know now.” The conversation was extensive; however, I am going to provide 5 of the most common “I wish someone would’ve told me…”(not given in any particular order)

  1. Love yourself.
    • Knowing this would’ve kept me from accepting the wrong people in my life.
    • This would’ve helped me have the confidence I needed to go after my dreams.
    • Knowing this would’ve kept me from having bad images of myself.
  2. Save money and don’t touch it.
    • Knowing this would’ve prepared me for financial emergencies.
    • Starting out would’ve been less of a struggle if there was a financial foundation.
    • I would’ve been able to focus on my dreams instead of living paycheck to paycheck.
  3. Seek mentorship.
    • Finding someone doing what I wanted to do such as starting a business, I would’ve received first hand education of the do’s and don’ts.
    • Having someone to keep me accountable regarding my dreams or goals, I would’ve achieved them.
    • Knowing that I had support would’ve removed the self-doubt.
  4. When you fail, assess what happened, repent and keep it moving. Don’t dwell in your mistakes.
    • Knowing this would’ve given me the power to overcome my failures quickly.
    • I wouldn’t have lived in condemnation for years which only brought shame and guilt.
    • Knowing this would’ve released me from being stuck in my past to soaring into my future without reservation.
  5. God loves you no matter what you have done.
    • Knowing that His love and forgiveness is freely given to you builds your self-esteem and faith.
    • Knowing this would’ve allowed me to live in freedom and not condemnation.
    • This would’ve made me believe I was loveable which in turn would’ve eliminated low self-esteem.

Even though we cannot turn back the hands of time, we can share this information with our own daughters, nieces, god-daughters, youth group, son’s girlfriends, etc. We are the amazingly strong women today because of the things we experienced, but we all believe that we would be further ahead in life if we hadn’t stayed stuck in our pasts. Life is too short to not continue moving forward in it. Our past, is just that, our past. Nothing we can do to change it, but we can decide how we will continue to deal with it. God did not make a mistake when he created you or wrote your story. He has equipped you to overcome every adversity that will come your way. The problem is that most of us have disconnected ourselves from Him; therefore, we don’t know what we are made of.

Maybe you are struggling to find your way in this life or to overcome your mistakes. I am a witness that if you seek God with your questions He will indeed answer. Just like number 5 states, He loves us no matter what. Talk to Him today I know He would be glad to hear from you.

We compiled a list of over 50 things we wish someone would’ve told us and that list is still in process. Maybe the 5 I have listed will help you get unstuck. Maybe this list can help others as well. I may add them to another blog post or create an Ebook. Either way I want to help people overcome whatever may be holding them back from their purpose. Let’s get over our pasts so we can help others overcome theirs.

Published by Jamilah Davis-Williams

I am Jamilah Davis-Williams, and my mission is to help families achieve financial stability. Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck, having little to no savings, overwhelmed in debt or wanting to obtain homeownership? At one point of my life when I was single mother, I was there too! Daily, I was stressing about money, my financial future, and not knowing what to do or where to start. I did the work, created a plan and now I no longer have that stress. During my financial journey, I have helped others achieve financial stability as well. As a Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach and financial workshop facilitator, helping single parents and couples stress-less about money while achieving their financial goals is what I do. The services I offer are 1:1 coaching and group workshop sessions both virtually and in person. If you are ready to stabilize your financial future, schedule a consultation now.

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